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 "I want to take a quick second to shout out our favorite and only electrician, Precision Electric. They’ve really turned things around for us. One of our biggest weaknesses was the electrical work. Always had issues with subcontractors that weren’t reliable, weren’t on time, didn’t perform clean work, and after I started working with Dylan and Precision Electric, that changed. I don’t have to worry about the electric anymore. I get daily and weekly updates. If you’re looking for commercial or residential work done, they do it all. They’re fantastic at it and they are our go-to guys. We don’t use anybody else at this point because we don’t need to. Definitely recommend them and I think that it’s worth every single penny with fair pricing. Price is what you pay, and value is what you get.”


Precision Electric and Construction is by far the best company for any kind of electrical job. Their timeliness, communication and overall performance outshines all other competitors. They have done multiple projects of ours and have proven time and time again on why they are the best in Columbus. I would highly recommend them on any project big or small. You get exactly what you pay for and some with Precision Electric and Construction!!!


"Precision Electric and Construction is a key part of our construction team. Their quality work ensures our car washes are always running tip-top!"


Precision Electric came out to the job site ready to tackle anything. He was on time, very professional and got the job done quick. We had him re-wire an entire house and he was done in no time. I would highly recommend using this company for any of your electrical needs. We have since used him on other projects and he’s always very punctual and professional. 10/10 recommend!


I couldn’t say better things about this team. They communicated with me very well, and set expectations and what we should expect. They were very thorough in their work, and organized everything to the highest on of standards. I couldn't recommend Precision Electric for ANY electrical needs; big or small!


Precision was fantastic. They dealt with very harsh city code violations and moved with quickness and professionalism. They went to the city over 5x for requests that they wanted additional to the scope!


 I have used Precision Electric for several of my rehab projects and they have done an amazing job each time - they communicate well throughout the process, proactively reach out about any issues they find and explain my options, and make recommendations about how to solve problems in a cost-effective manner. The quality of work is unmatched and (as a female) I felt very safe working with them. Highly recommend!


 Precision electric has done multiple jobs for me and they have do a fantastic job. Always shows up on time and answers all my questions in a timely manner. Would recommend them to anyone looking for any electric work that needs to be done big or small!


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